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Full Version: Raid 0 Performance
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Hi, I have four 80gig ata hard drives running windows xp using an adaptec 1200a raid controller under raid level 0.. I wish to rune suse 9 with this machine. I have configured a striped array in the bios that the raid controller provides. Suse loaded up fine and showed all four drives as one large drive and booted up properly. I really dont see a performance increase using the four drives as compared to only one drive. I am wondering if a driver is what the system needs to actually increase the overall performance (speed). On the adaptec website I cannot find a linux driver for the card I have. I have ordered a card which does have driver downloads on the website. I am just curious if I am just not seeing the performance increase as I do with windows or If I need the proper card, or if I am just wasting my time and money. I would appreciate your help. Thanks, Bill.
Just because the company websight doesn't have linux drivers doesn't mean someone else hasn't made them. Of course saying this I am not having any luck finding them.

Any card with custom drivers installed should run better than a card with out. So hopefully you will notice an improvment with the new card.

If SuSE is loading files slower than windows does with the same card than I would guess that getting a driver would hepl, and in this case getting a different card seems to be the way to go about it. Unless someone else knows where to get the drivers maybe your best shot is to just ebay the card you have and move one.

One more idea might be to look into if anyone else has reviewed the card you are looking at on SuSE or some other linux system, just to see what they think. See what the other guys around here have to say to.
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