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Full Version: Updating Fedora To Test Core 2?
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Can you update fedora to the test core 2 without reinstalling from scratch? If so, how? The only thing I saw on the fedora homepage was how to make bootable CD's. I've made those, but they don't boot. I've downloaded the ISO's two different times and checked the md5's. I know the data is correct so why isn't it booting form the CD? I apprectiate any suggestions.

Upgrading is not reccomended, but it is possible by simply inserting the Fedora Core 2 CD1 and choosing update and it will install over the older Fedora Core 1 , MAKE SURE that all your config files are BACKED UP. [the ones that you modified , for example if you used samba then you should backup /etc/samba/smb.conf etc...]

Or [what is reccomended], install from scratch, backup your documents, and other personal stuff, your config files [which you modified] . [by the way, if you installed some modules for the Fedora Core 1 , they will not work with Fedora Core 2 [since it uses the 2.6 kernel, while Fedora Core 1 uses the 2.4 kernel] until you rebuild them.

It is your choice but installing from scrach would be RECCOMENDED [but the other can be used as well], since some files might not get updated properly, and other incompatibilites could rise after the installation with some programs. [imagine it like , upgrading from Win98 to WinXP, (since 2.6 kernel newer then 2.4) some of the programs already installed on Win98 will not work at all, others might work but not as they should be working, some settings during the update may not be aplied etc...]


Robert B
What OS are you using to make the ISOs. If using windows, are you using the Burn Image selection to make the CD?

If using Linux ... the command should be something like:

cdrecord driveropts=burnfree dev=ATAPI:0,0,0 filename.iso

(I am using a 2.6 kernel, so I have to use dev=ATAPI:x,x,x ... you probably need just dev=x,x,x. I also use the burnfree option ... your hardware may or may not support this option.)

Can you mount your CD? If so, is there one file on it (the ISO file) or a directory tree full of files?

Can you boot from another CD? If not, is you BIOS set to boot from CD before boot from hard drive?

Some of these questions are very basic ... I am just trying to cover all the bases.
You can also upgrade just by using up2date or yum ... but I wouldn't recommend it.
sorry for the delayed response. i have been out of town. i'm using windows to burn the CD's. after i download the iso's i just change the extension to .nrg so that nero will recognize it. yes the CD mounts after fedora starts up and there are a bunch of files on it. and yes the bios is set to boot from the CD. what's the best way to format a drive for linux if my bootable CD won't boot? i don't mind doing a clean install if i could just get the test core CD to boot. thanks for the reply's.
Instead of renaming it ... do this:

In the File menu (older Nero) or in the Recorder Menu (Nero 6 or better) pick burn image and point to the ISO file (not renamed).

I have no problems booting from an ISO created from Nero.
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