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Im sorry to bother you but at present I was wondering if you could shed some light on my darkness of the command line environment.

I was installing Red Hat 6.1 on my HewlettPackard Brio 410 (S3/via chipset_onboard Video)
well everything was going fine until I hit the spot that asked me for my sound card well the only options were S3 and not listed I chose not listed then the installation kept going and got to a point were I had to select my Monitor...well there was no listing for my (impression 3 plus non-interlaced) so I chose custom and did every configuration I could do to that darn thing and still x-server said there was a configuration problem...So I quit that particular part of the setup...BAM! when I did the computer told me that the installation of RHL was Successfull and that I should remove the cd from the drive and reboot so I did but now all I can do is run in a dos like command line mode and im getting claustraphobic if ya know what I mean I was expecting to see my KDE GUI but I don't have one Can you offer any advice as to make my GUI happen?

this topic was posted (accidentially I'm sure) in the Books For Newbies thread ... I have split it out from there and moved it to the Technical Support forum.

----this is to bump it to the top----
I don't recommend using a version of Linux that old on this machine. RedHat not longer supports versions lower than 9.0 for any Intel processors ... and they won't support RH9 much longer (stops at the end of this month). The Kernel hardware support for RH 6.1 is not very good on newer machines (the kernel is the part of linux that interacts with the hardware {actually there are kernel driver modules that do that} ... but from that version of linux, the support for newer PCs is not good).

From my research, an HP brio 410 should be a PIII processor (667 to 800 mhz) with a minuimum of 128mb ram and at least a 10gb hard drive. For a computer with those specs, you should be able to run just about any distro of Linux ... most of the newer ones (Fedora Core 1, Mandrake 9.2 or 10) should detect all your hardware and install good drivers.

If I have your PC specs wrong and you don't have 128mb RAM and at least a pIII processor ... and you want to install an older linux, I would recommend RH 7.3 at the very oldest.
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