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Full Version: Deleting Old Kernel
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another beginner question;

i am using dual boot, winxp + fedora
before i updated the fedora kernel, on the boot up screen of fedora which asks if i want to boot dos or fedora, there was only the old kernel listed. after i updated to the new kernel, on the boot screen it shows the new kernel (and i can boot it) but the old kernel is still there. is it supposed to be there always, or will it be no use for me anymore, and if not how can i delete it.

thanks in advance
It's always good to keep your old working copy of your kernel there just in case anything goes wrong with your new one. This is pretty much standard practice.

If you really want to remove it, you can, and it *shouldn't* affect anything else. But, like i said, it's safer to keep it.
to delete the old kernel you do the following

rpm -e kernel-<version>

replacing <version> with the old kernel numbers.
if you want to see what kernel rmps you have installed on your system you can run the command

rpm -qa | grep kernel

The result will be all kernels and kerenl-sources you have installed. Like duende said I would recomend at least keeping one version back on your system. Just incase something goes wrong its nice to have a working one lying around to fall back on.
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