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Full Version: Installing Zipslack To Ext2
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Hello, i have a slight problem installing zipslack. I have pc's without dos or a dos formated harddisk.
I have download, unpacked and burned it to a cdrom on windows.
I have also created a linux bootdisk (not from zipslack) to boot the other machines and preparing the harddisk. So i can use fdisk and mke2fs to create an ext2 filesystem on the harddisks. Then i using mount to mount cd harddisk and the cdrom drive with the zipslack files. I then set umask to 000 and copy with cp -a the folders and files from the cdrom to the harddisk. Then i change the setting for / in /etc/fstab to /dev/hda1 and the type to ext2. After booting with the disk again and setting root to hda1 nothing works. The filesystem is accessible and all folder and files are their, but the files have still the strange endings from the umsdos filesystem. How can i get the whole zipslack files on a filesystem i can copy direct from a cdrom to an ext2-formatted harddisk?
I am not sure I understand what you are trying to do. ZipSlack is a Slackware Linux thats designed to be installed on FAT32 partitions, not ext2.

I don't think ZipSlack is the distro you want to be using if you are planningo n making ext type partitions. That is why I think you are running into problems. If you are interesting in using Linux on your computer maybe you should look into the more main stream distros. And if you really want to use ZipSlack, you are going to need to re-format the drive to a FAT32 file system so that it can be installed there.
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