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Full Version: Disappearing Config Tools?
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Yeah, Im dumb

Im running mandrake 10 community, and was trying to install some gtk & gdk libraries so I can get xine to work... and now I lost a bunch of my computer config tools, like Configure Your Computer, and package instalation. As a newbie to linux Im scared.

Anyone know what to do?
I am not a Mandrake user...but what really do you mean by that you lost.
Did you had the icons..on your desktop or in the menu and now they are not.If it is so...then simply you will have to create those shortcuts again.
I would recommend that you setup the "Mandrake update and install tool" urpmi. I normally do it so it doesn't read from my CDs and only downloads stuff from the web (so I only install the latest version of packages). If you don't have a broadband connection, you might not want to do this...

Everything is done as root .... from a terminal window:

First, I normally remove the current settings like this:

urpmi.removemedia -a

Then I pick a mirror .. the one I use (that is fast for my location) is from USC ....

Currently, Mandrake is changing the mirror FTP directory structures. I have found the new official structure at USC ...

Here is the code to add the USC update mirror:
urpmi.addmedia Disk_1 with ../base/

urpmi.addmedia Disk_2 with ../base/

urpmi.addmedia Disk_3 with ../base/

urpmi.addmedia update_source with ../base/

The below commands to update all your mandrake packages:

urpmi.update -a
urpmi --auto-select

then you can use the mandrake control center to install software...xine would be installed either via mandrake control center (mcc) or the command:

urpmi xine-ui

BUT ... currently, on the USC mirror, the directories RPMS2 and RPMS3 are empty (due to mandrake changing the directory structure and releasing Mandrake 10 official) ... but they should be back to normal in the next day or two.
I think I got it, thanks a lot. This place is way cooler than, thanks for some actual help!
but I know Ill need more!
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