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Full Version: Dude, Where's My Task Bar?
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Hi, I'm running Red Hat 7.3 on my eMachine. I use GNOME. The first time I booted with it, I had a nice taskbar-looking-thing at the bottom with a footprint at the far left. Unfortunately, it's gone! How do I get it back?

I'm logging in as root and when I signed out last time I checked the Save setup box.

Any suggestions?
I am guessing you have it on auto hide or something. Go into the area where it lest you configure desktop settings and see you if can change the location of the task bar and if its on auto hide. Thats my first guess. That or try adjusting your screen to make sure its not off the screen. Sometimes linux puts your screen in a wierd place if you don't have the right drivers installed (and sometimes if you do).
You might have deleted it..though..from Redhat-8.0 onwards you can't delete all of your taskbars..But you can delete all your taskbar in Redhat-7.3.

So one possible solution first delete everything related to gnome from your home directory and try logging in again.

I mean to say..
$ rm -rf .g*

and then login again.It should start gnome with default setup and you will have your taskbar back.
Thankyou to everyone who responded, but I found that the problem was that the panel wasn't loading at runtime. Typing panel & at the terminal fixed it. As my first venture into the Linux world from a Windows upbringing, so far Red Hat has impressed me.

Oh one quick note: if anyone knows how to change the video adapter/screen resolution settings in GNOME under RH 7.3, could you post a reply? Thanks.
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