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Full Version: Ssh Keygen Help
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Hi everyone, I'm not exactly new to Linux, but I've always used it for reasons other than actually operating a PC. I've used Tom's rootboot for salvaging data from half-dead hard drives and doing hexadecimal copies from one hard drive to another, formatting, etc. Last week I acquired a decent PC worthy of creating a "just-for-fun" Linux box.

I'm using Debian Linux (Knoppix Install to the hard drive) and I'm trying to generate a key to be able to use my SSH server. I'm in a terminal window, directory of /etc, ssh-keygen -b (bits) -f (location and filename) -N (passphrase) and its requiring me to use the -t (type of key) to generate. I have the -b, -f, -N arguments satisfied, but I'm not sure what to use for the -t switch. Man -t returns "What manual page do you want?" I've searched the net, maybe not using the correct search string, and searched several forums. I'm getting lost quickly.

I'm getting the feeling that Linux users groups aren't welcoming my info requests because I use a Debain based release? Why is that?

Any answers are appreciated and in lieu of more flames Just ask me to leave and I'll try somehwere ele.
Persistance paid off. I found the answer by using Man ssh-keygen instead of man ssh. The -t switch denotes whether you are creating an rsa or dsa type of key pair.
I have no idea why linux groups aren't welcoming you, but I know what you mean, I have seen some pretty nasty linux forums out there. This I don't understand. Stay here, we are nice. We don't even haze newbies who ask a question thats already been asked three times this week. Its just not how we are.

Besides, I think alot of the guys around here use debian in some way or another. I am a mandrake guy myself, but I know a couple of the guys are running debian. Stay, ask more questions, or help answer, what ever, your welcome here.
Thanks for the reply lest. I'll try to hang out here more often. Most of the time I answer my own questions after a few days research, but this keygen arguement had me stumped.

*Update on the SSH setup and keygeneration* It is working great, I have one 1024-bit keypair and is working sucessfully several times each day. Again, thanks for the offer to stick around.

Nothing wrong with Debian ... I like it.

I have a test Debian Sarge LAMP server (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) and a test Debian Sarge workstation.

I use WhiteBox/CentOS as my production servers and production workstations and Gentoo on my PVR (Personal Video Recorder) box.

We will try to help and play nicely with almost everyone!
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