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Full Version: Multiple Group Accounts
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I have a regular user account and want to also be a member of the root group.
google tells me a user can be a member of mutiple groups but does not tell me how.

But maybe this is not the best solution, I have apache running, and /var/www/html is owned by root and I have no write permisions, I do not want to log in as root because its aparently unsafe to be root all the time. So I want my regular user account to have write permisions to the folder.

chmod 775 is no good because my user account is considered other, and 777 would be unsafe I think. So I dont want to give extra permisions to others. I concidered chown to my username, but then root would no longer be the owner, and I dont think this is desireable.

How do I change an existing user account to make it a member of other groups, and would you consider this the best solution to the problem.
I have since managed to correct the problem, and nolonger need the help, after finding a web site describeing the process.
You could have also changed the group of /var/www/html and all subdirectories to be owned by your group with:

chgrp -R your_group_name /var/www/html

so long as your primary group isn't users


You could also have changed the root directory for html files to a directory where you own the directory and files....(in httpd.conf)
Having you in the root group shouldn't be that big of a deal... and yes, 777 would be bad smile.gif
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