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Okies so i just installed linux on my server that has 2 lan cards, when I setup the network I setup these settings:

ETH0: (lan that connects to my earthlink cable modem)

Alias = (none)
boot = yes

ETH1: (lan that connects to home network)

Subnet =
Alias = JK266

Host Name=JK266
search domain (opt)
DNS Servers

I set up IPTABLES and Shorewall for all my filtering and routing needs. I can surf the web fine from all my XP boxs and my server. However today when I tried to use the sendmail (playing around with logs, trying to send one with sendmail using cron) I got a domain is not valid error.

In order to fix this problem I need to understand what Host Name and Domain Name serve in the network for linux, both for the home part and public part of my rig. What are the possible settings for these, how will it make my system viewed from the web? One more piece of info, i decided to go ahead and register a domain name since i run some sites off the server, and was tired of the long free domain names. My domain name for my sites is also as well, if that has any effect on my setup up what should i set stuff too?
what is your distro of linux...

since you said shorewall ... I would guess, probably mandrake 9.2 or 10 ...

how to setup hostnames is slightly different based on your distro.
Mandrake 9.1 i think, been awhile since i made the cd's diffently 9.?
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