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Full Version: Multiboot Redhat 7.3 + Winxp Pro Help (n00b)
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Hey all, Im not sure if this setup will even work or not but here is what im looking at...

I had 2 HD's in this system, primary drive crashed, secondary drive is where my existing WinXP installation resides, I just purchased a new 80gb HD to replace the primary drive that failed and created a 70gb fat32 partition. and decided to use the remaining 10gb of space for a RedHat7.3 installation.

I need some help with creating the partitions to install redhat, I followed the instructions provided in the user manuals and created a 50mb /boot partition, a 2048mb swap partition and then used the remaining space (roughly 8gb) for the installation.

When it came to installing the boot loader I selected LILO and installed it to the 50mb partition. I waited roughly 20min while the installer copied everything over, then when prompted, removed cd's and rebooted pc.

I now get a blinking cursor followed by a line of text that reads "No OS Installed" I can press a key and it will continue past this message and boot WinXP which loads fine. I tried using the bootdisk the installation created but recieved the same error.

Im wondering if I created the partitions incorrectly, or if I should be installing LILO/GRUB to the mbr of the windows xp drive or if im just doing everything completely wrong.

Any help with creating these partitions or suggestions of something to try would be appreciated greatly.

(sorry for the long rambling post as well, Im a total newbie so if I missed any vital info let me know)
I'm probably going on old information here, this might have changed in newer versions of lilo, however, I believe that you must install lilo in the first 1024 cylinders of the hard drive in order for it to work properly. My suggestion is to install lilo into your MBR. I have never had a problem with this method, and I believe Redhat even sets up your WinXP automagically as well, so when it comes to the boot screen, you'll have both Redhat Linux and Windows XP listed there. Give that a try and see how you fair.
there r two solution to this
1.simply install grub on the mbr evrything else will be taken care by
2.install lilo on your boot partition and than copy your bootsect.lnx to
to c drive of windows and edit the boot.ini file there
and and following lines there
i have tried both of this and they worked fine.
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