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Full Version: New Kernel Update
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Newbie here.. biggrin.gif ...

I installed RH9 and ran the up2date software, which included a kernel update in the list of did say that according to my preferences the update would not be installed, but i chose to install the kernel update anyways... ph34r.gif

So what is happening is when I boot up I have the option of booting to the old kernel or the new kernel.

I also had LVM setup between 2 drives before the kernel update...if this matters.

Is it possible to uninstall/delete the original kernel so I can boot directly into the new kernel...?

first of all type:

uname -a

to get the current running kernel, it will look something like the following:

Linux www 2.4.21-9.0.1.EL #1 Thu Feb 19 20:23:14 CST 2004 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

the part underlined is the kernel you are sure the kernel you booted with is the current up to date kernel.

then type the following:
rpm -q kernel

this will give you a list of the currently installed kernels.
it will most likely have 2 versions listed

find the kernel listed that was not listed when you ran uname -a and then type the following:
rpm -e kernel-version.rpm

**Replace -version with the numbers that are listed after the kernel..

that will delete your old kernel off of your system.
Thank you ...chrisw... that is exactly what I was looking for. Here's a glass of virtual wine for you.
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