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Full Version: Gentoo Install Troubles
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So I am going through the stage one install of my gentoo system. I got past making the kernel, and I went to intall the nvidia modules for video, audio, and net.

So I get the error that I need to have MTRR support enable and I should do that and recompile. So I went back to turn it on, and realized that I had. So I looked around for other things that could be at fault and found nothing that jumped out. Any ideas?

I am using the gentoo-dev kerenel (2.6.5) and downloading everything from the net wile I go so its totally up-to-date. So what now?
I don't know what your particular problem is ... but I have a gentoo .config file for 2.6.5 gentoo-dev-sources that I will be glad to send you. I am using it with the Nvidia drivers.

I used the config file of the install CD (I was using a 2.6.1 kernel then) and I have upgraded it several times since then when upgrading my kernel.

In the Processor type and features section, you will need to turn off SMP and select your proper processor. It also has ALSA sound turned on and no OSS sound (except for ALSA's OSS emulation done in the modules.conf file). It is designed to be used with hotplug.

Here is the .config file that I use. Backup your current .config file. Right click the .config link above, do a Save Link to disk.

In /usr/src if you don't have a link named linux pointing to /usr/src/linux-2.6.5-gentoo, create one like this:

rm /usr/src/linux
ln -s /usr/src/linux-2.6.5-gentoo /usr/src/linux

Then ls -al /usr/src should show:

lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 19 Apr 11 21:09 linux -> linux-2.6.5-gentoo/

I have my /etc/genkernel.conf set like this:

So I would go to /usr/src/linux ... and do the following:

make mrproper
downloaded_config_file .config
make oldconfig

If you don't have MENUCONFIG="yes", then do a make xconfig (or make menuconfig) now and change the processor type and smp (and any other options you might need to change) then save the changes. (Note: To use the NVIDIA drivers on a nforce 2 board, the line in the config file for the option CONFIG_AGP_NVIDIA= must be set to m or y.)

Make sure that you have MRPROPER="no" (since we did it by hand and it will erase our .config file).

Now you are ready to do:

genkernel all
If you do not have MTRR support should
I have never looked inside the hood of MTRR..but i know there a lot applications..that will need this thing to be enabled..for example....mplayer

And in the help pages..of mplayer itself..some details..about this is given.
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