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Full Version: Getting The Right Driver From Nvidia
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Hi... here's an easy one for someone...

Every so often when I boot in Gnome (by default) the X server crashes. I have to change it back to teh default vid card, then it works. I'm thinking I may have chosen the wrong driver.

My system:

Mandrake 10.0
P4 1.6ghz
Nividia Geforce4 ti4200

Here are my choices from nvidia:

I chose "Linux IA32". I guess the 32 means a 32 bit cpu. What about FreeBSD, is that another operating system?

Thanks for the noobie help. smile.gif
Umm, I am not so sure how you get to it from that menu, but this is the page you want.

And for instructions on how to install them, read this thread
With a Pentium 4 chip, you would select the Linux IA32 section. This is for Linux on Intel x86, Cyrix, and AMD chips through Athlon XP.

(If you had an AMD64 chip (Athlon 64 or Opteron 64) you would choose AMD64 or if you had an Intel Itanium you would choose IA64.)
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