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I bought Red Hat Linux for my computer when Windows was messing up. However, I got the more familiar Win up and working before i got comfortable with Linux... Consequently, I had let the Linux-partitioning slip my mind for a while.

Now, some months ago, I wanted to start up my Linux again, but I hit a wall. My own wall, that is: I cannot for the life of me remember my USER NAME! The password is easy, but my user name is gone with the wind! As I know the user names are "less secret" than the actual password, I wondered if there is some way I can retrieve it from my hard-drive? I assume that if that's not the case, I'll just have to delete and install Red Hat over again. Just for that one word!

Hope you can help me, I would appreciate it!

This should work, I am not very familiar with RedHat so this is going to be a little vague but you should be able to do it.

First log in as root. For user name type root and use your root password to log in. Now from here you should be able to figuer it out. Go into your program menu and find something on configuring/managing user groups. Its there some where. It will give you a list of the users for the computer.

If you can't find that, just go to the /home directory, there should be a folder for each user named after the user. That should alow you to figuer it out.

You wont have to re-intall don't wory, even if you can't figuer it out, someone with more RedHat knowledge can point you to it. Good luck.
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