I've installed Fedora Core 1 latest on all my linux client computers, it was working fine, until today we had some problems at the center, I was working with one of the computers at the location where the 7 Fedora Core 1 computers are. My Co-worker told them to kill the computers, and they did it [ smile.gif ] , they just pressed the shutdown button, without properly exiting.

Everything was working fine, but one of the computers running Fedora Core 1 , and the latest Samba, printed out one page and then stopped...It wouldn't work till I installed samba again, reconfigured the printer again.

The problem wich bothers me is, where can I find that printer_name.tdb file ? , it should be named after the printer [for example if a i550 printer is installed, the file name is i550.tdb, with Rh9 it was under /var/lib/samba,but it's not there now]. Any ideas where I could find this file?

Also can I tell rdesktop, if connection is lost, to quit imediately, not try again and again ?

Robert B