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Full Version: Creating A Partition
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I'm new to linux and have installed Mandrake 9.2 . My harddrive is small ie 20 g's and I have 13 g's available. How do I create a partition so that I can also install Suse. Is there a Partition Magic for linux?
I have been told that PM works on linux drives but I don't know. The recomended method is fdisk. Run the command fdisk /dev/hda (or what ever drive) from a command line and that you can use functions like p to print out the current config. n to create new partitions. d to delete. So on.

The nice thing about fdisk is it doesn't actually do anything till the end. You can go in and deleat everything, than if you exit with out saving, nothing changes. Also, as you create and delete (even without saving) p is updated. So you can see how the drive is going to look.

When you are happy, type w. THIS WILL WRITE THE NEW TABLE. So make sure you are happy with it. If at any time you want out without saving. Just type q and that backs you out with out making changes.

With something like this, I would make absolutly sure you knew what you wanted before you get started. Installing a dual linux system is hard, so take some time to think. This comming from a guy who is currently working on it. So I warn you, but it can be do, and it is good when it works.

My advice, ask any questions if you have them, don't go in unsure. Good Luck.
Apart from fdisk..(which is certainly more powerful)..Disk druid exists for linux..and it is really easy to create partitions..using Disk druid.It is a GUI based utility so if you are a window user will feel at home.
But ... can you install disk druid and run it?

I have never used it except during an install .... and I have looked before (and now) for a way to install it and use it outside a RH install....and I came up blank.
Here are a couple gui tools for creating partitions ...

They are all not_stable ... but you can try them if you want.
Thank You to all for your help. I decided to use the built in partition device. However I am having a problem.
I signed in as root and them clicked on Mount Points, then I clicked on the home panel and then on Unmount-------- at this point a box should appear for resizing but nothing is happening. Am I doing something wrong? I've used the help option and this keeps saying that after after Home/Unmount that a box for resizing will appear........if anyone can help...
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