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Full Version: Linux And Downloading - No Winrar, No Winzip
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Phil K
On the few occasions i have went onto the Linux I dual boot with (its Lycoris by the way) I am baffled to a ridiculous degree with how to install downloads. Some do it for me. Most don't. Tar.gz - is that right ? Well it has me going grrr a lot. Where do i put it, how do I put it, etc etc. With winrar, its straight forward. You direct it to the HD and position on that HD. But when the box opens, I'm lost. I've tried "extract all" but it wants to know where, then doesnt do it anyway. As to where - I dont know ! I dont want, for instance to load it into Linux's equivalent to My Pictures. Help would be greatly appreciated. I asked this once a year ago on another forum, got told to use the search button and accused of being lazy ! So you can imagine my opinion of Linux officianado's was not high at that time ! But I feel its worth another crack, and surely all Linux buffs arent like those two twerps ! (Who were both fellow Brits, by the way to my embarrasment and anger)
tar.gz files usually contain installation instructions inside the folders that appear after you've unzipped and untarred them. Type 'man tar' (sans the quotation marks) at terminal prompt or do a google search for more information on tar. .gz is just a file zipped and you'll need to use gunzip to unzip it. After you've done that, follow the, hopefully well written, installation instructions. The other option for installation is to use .rpm files which can be installed via yum, up2date, apt-get as well as the function rpm. However, not all things are packaged as rpm so unzipping and untarring then following the instructions are your best bet. HTH.

The command to untar a .tar.gz file is:

tar -xvzf filename.tar.gz

the command to untar a .tar.bz2 file is:

tar -xvbf filename.tar.gz

As nifflerX said, once you untar the file, there is normally a README file to tell you exactly how to install the software.

(There is normally a new directory created in the directory you are at after untaring the file, and all the files it contained are in that directory, including the README file)
Phil K
Thanks for the help. I'll give it a try.
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