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Full Version: Gconf-sanitycheck1
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Though my gnome is working fine right now.
But sometimes..i get an error.while logging in that says..nfs is unable to lock some file..~/.gconf/xyz/ior and some error related to corba.

So i did a sanity check..
$ gconf-sanitycheck-1

i got the same messaget that i got during logging in.I don't have the exact error...right now..but it says..that nfs is unable to lock file..~/.gcoonf/xyz/ior.Contact your system administrator.

sad.gif Hell i am the system administrator..and i don't have the clue how to fix this problem.
Try this page at the I'm having a lock file problem. What do I do? section....

This might also apply (probably not unless you are using RH 7.2), but if your home directory is NFS mounted, there may be some stale NFS locks....
Thanks..a lot..that link was really very useful..

My computer is not connected to any kind of network..but Yeah as mentioned on that site...once i had to hard boot my computer.

And truely this problem..came up after that.I am using Redhat-9.0.
As mentioned on the site.
If no gconfd is running, these locks may safely be removed. If gconfd is running though, DO NOT remove them; if you have two gconfd processes for a single user, bad things may happen to that user's preferences once in a while.

So let's say i login in to text mode..and want to remove these can i remove them,can i simply delete it??Also..yeah indeed..once i had two gconfd running for a single user.
Yes, you should be able to delete the extra locks as root in text mode.
Yeah..thanks..i will try out...
That file is a very is there in ~/.gconf/lock/ior...when i login as root an try to delete that file...root can't see it..
i mean...
# cd /home/hemant/.gconfd/lock
# ls -a
#  <no output>

And when i login as user...i can see the file but when i delete it..
$ cd .gconfd/lock/
$ ls -a
$ rm ior
no such file or directory...
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