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Full Version: Uninstalling Linux Redhat 7.2
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Hello Everyone,
I was wondering if anyone could tell me how i could go about uninstalling Linux Redhat 7.2, or at least removing the boot loader, as it is the component I am having the most problem's with.
other Info: I am dual booting with Win Me.
I have 2 hard drives, a 4Gb and a 40Gb, the 40Gb is partitioned into 4 relatively equal partition's. 1 of which I am using for linux, and i am using the 4Gb for Window's.

Problem: Everytime I start window's the grub loader auto load's window's but give a "disk read failure" error.

I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can give.

Your's Sincerely
Shintoro Jin
try using partition magic or equivelant to remove the non dos / windows partitions. after you reboot using a windows boot disk type

fdisk /mbr

that should take linux off your computer
Well, I would just use fdisk and toggle your bootable partition to the WinME partition... That would be the easiest way, unless GRUB is installed into the MBR...
Unfortunately Grub was installed to the mbr. But I will try the other method.

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