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Full Version: Dwl-520+ In Suse 9.0
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I got it to install, and i can ping my router ... but when i try pinging a site on the Internet it doesnt work "Hostname cannot be resolved" and also i cannot access the router config. page even though i can ping it !!

I have added these lines to /etc/resolv.conf:

nameserver (from my ISP)

I also setup a route by "route add default gw eth1" ....

Again it pings my router fine but not Internet ...

Please help !!! ohmy.gif

okay then, lets see if you can ping by IP adress...

to do this, you should ping if it works, then your router lets you outside, then you have some DNS problems, if it is not working the router is not letting you outside[?].

also you could try entering into your browser Mozilla[or any other , under Linux]
the website should show up [with the pictures missing]

Robert B
Thanks i'll try that ASAP .... I'll post a reply soon...
I got a IP when my router is the same IP ! How is this possible ??

So i changed my routers IP to

I have the router's DHCP to give static IP's w/ MAC addresses so i always get in XP ... which should work in Linux as well 'coz MAC address is the same.....My card can see the network fine and also connects to it 'coz i can see my router's MAC address ....

I still get the same IP as my router !!!! no matter what i change my router IP to ...
I don't know anything about wireless connections in SUSE ... but I do know a little bit about wireless connections in general (although not a whole lot).

What is the output of the command:

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