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Full Version: Can't Connect To Internet
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I can't connect to the internet. I don't know what to do. This used to work.

Redhat 9 on a laptop, runniing under Virtual PC. Hardcoded ipaddr, hostname billskics, fullname DNS host ipaddrs were and with dns search path of, as supplied by redhat in the eth0 device config. Didn't work. I changed to more current and with no dns search path (earthlink didn't list one). Still didn't work.

I can see the windows machines on the lan, they can see me. We can ping back and forth by ipaddr all day long.

Samba sees the windows machines and can connect into them.

httpd Apache server up and running. Can get to home page via 'localhost', ipaddr given above, and billskics.

Internet is accessed through bellsouth dsl, with the linksys router handling logon processing for the connection. All of the windows machines can get to the internet fine.

Please help else I'll have to wipe the system and start over from nothing. Thanks. Bill NOyes

what does the command


it should point to your gateway computer.

to manualy change it

route del default gw [ip adress here, if there is one , but it's wrong]
route add default gw [ip adress here, the correct one]

Robert B
Ah, never mind. I added and its working now laugh.gif Thanks! The redhat linux 9 so-called 'bible' didn't even have the route cmd in it. Thanks, mate! smile.gif Bn

It gives 3 specifications:, which pings to nowhere, on eth0, which pings to nowhere, on eth0, on lo

The router address is Is that where it should be going? And what file holds the ip routing table?

Thx. Bn
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