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Full Version: Complete And Total Newbie Needs Help
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I have a second hard drive so I figured, hey why not try out Linux. I went into it thinking it was going to be a piece of cake, and honestly until about 5 minutes ago it was.

I am running Redhat 9 as of now, installed anyways, and I seem to have a problem. When I first tried to install the system this problem occured, but I bypassed it thinking it was just a simple thing, but now that I have installed RH and was ready to go, the problem has returned...and that is, Redhat seems to hate my monitor and/or video settings.

When I first went to install Redheat, I chose the graphical installation. After the initial few text screens, I assume it went into the graphical setup I have seen on screenshots when looking to solve this problem, I'll never know. When it attempts to do so, my monitor cuts out, gives me an error saying that my FH and FV ratings went over. I didnt think much of it and just used the text installer to install readhat. Everything worked fine until it went to Load up X Window, when my monitor cut out again and gave the same error message before turning itself off. I remember when I installed RH that it asked me for the FH and FV settings, but I didnt know what they were so I just left the default assuming they would work. In fact I dont remember what that default was, but it seems that was wrong.

So my question is, how do I get around this? I am a 100% TOTAL newbie to Linux, I know absolutly nothing. I was hopeing to teach myself the basics once I got inside, but I cannot even seem to get to that point without my monitor dying. Is there a way I can change the FH/FV values from the boot: promt (the only place I can see where to do anything before running into this)? Is there perhaps something else wrong I just dont know about that could be causing this?

Any help is MUCH appreciated. Remember though, I am completely new to this, so if you do respond please be patient and try to explain all the details of how to do what you suggest, because I more than likely wont know how to do what you say off the bat sad.gif

Just for info, here is my hardware stuff:
Monitor: ViewSonic Ultrabrite A90f+ []
Video Card: GeForce FX 5200 []
CPU: Athlon XP 1700+
MoBo: Biostar M7VIP []

Ok I will make this easy for you then [try to make it easy]

first off all you are using Red Hat 9, then you need to get this little program [I just LOVE it smile.gif ] :
put this file to your /home dir on your RH9 computer , [I guess you still have a WinXP working right?].
now I want you to startup linux without the X Windows [that is INIT 3] , it means that you enter the following
line at startup [if you use grub, I hope so] ,
linux init 3

now once the system has booted up, it asks you for a user name [just enter root] , and then enter your root password.
now cd /home
rpm -Uvh apt-0.5.5cnc6-fr1.i386.rpm
apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade

this will take a while , it updates your RH9 installation to the latest.

now I want you to type in the following command
uname -r

this will show you your current kernel version
and so we go again, apt-get install kernel
it will then list you available kernel for you RH9.
the latest is 2.4.20-30.9 , so do a apt-get install kernel#2.4.20-30.9
this will download and install the latest kernel for you
now download Midnight Commander [sorta Norton Commander, will make your life easier while in console]
apt-get install mc
and then type mc
goto /boot/grub/@menu.lst
and there you see two entries , one for your older kernel and one for your new kernel a line with the following ending 2-4.20-30.9
if 2-4.20-30.9 is the first entry then change default to 0, if it's the second then change default to 1 [its at the top of the file Default=0.
now type : reboot
see if everything goes ok, [again goto level 3 (non X mode)] , if the kernel booted up fine for you, without errors
then type again uname -r
just to see if you have the correct kernel booted (just to make sure),
and now type apt-get install kernel-source
it will download the kernel source for 2.4.20-30.9 to /usr/src/linux-2.4.20-30.9
now again type mc (midnight commander) , and goto /usr/src/linux-2.4.20-30.9 and modify the file Makefile
there is a line right at the begining of the file , you can see version number there , remove that custom at
the end of 30-9 [I think, sorry I don't use RH9 anymore] , just remove that custom, save it. And now exit mc
cd /usr/src/linux-2.4.20-30.9
make mrproper
now type mc
again and copy the config-2.4.20-30.9 file from /boot to /usr/src/linux-2.4.20-30.9 ,
now goto /usr/src/linux-2.4.20-30.9 [using mc] , and rename the file config-2.4.20-30.9 [using F6] to .config
now exit mc again
cd /usr/src/linux-2.4.20-30.9
make oldconfig
make dep

you will need to download the latest nvidia drivers from here :

once downloaded put it to your /home dir [RH9 computer]
cd /home
chmod 755
now once installed without errors
start up mc again
goto /etc/X11
and modify the XF86Config file with mc [F4]
search for a line at the near end of the file , that contains driver nv , and change it to nvidia
and at the start of the file at the Modules section remove DRI
now try startx , it should work fine

Robert B
I don't know...Why you guys..while replying assume that every computer on earth is connected to internet..and most of them have NVIDIA Video card.
Wow, thanks for that detailed reply Robert.

One problem though. Yes, I do have XP installed and I can (and currently am) accessing it. Problem is, that after I formatted my second HD to run with Linux, it no longer shows up in XP to access. I think it is because of the file system not being one that Microsoft is used to and/or supports (NTSF, FAT32).

That being said I have installed RH probably 3 times now trying to get around this, and I am not against re-installing it again and then doing the above, if there is a way I can format my second hard drive to show up in XP again. Not sure how how to do that, but as of now I cannot edit my Linux system from XP at all.

Just for info, here is my hardware stuff:
Monitor: ViewSonic Ultrabrite A90f+ []
Video Card: GeForce FX 5200 []
CPU: Athlon XP 1700+
MoBo: Biostar M7VIP []

as you can see he has a FX5200(NVIDIA) , wich is not working in RH9 without a nvidia driver...
as for that internet part, if he was able to post in this forum , he was probably using a internet connection, and thus
I assume that he is also able to download the nvidia driver[at least that, if he connected from a internet club, and write it to a cd rewritable and take it home]

Robert B

what you need to do then, for starting up rh9 in X mode

download that nvidia driver [using xp] burn it to a cd [ it's 6 MB aprox] .

then start up your linux computer , using runlevel 3 [non X mode]

before doing the steps bellow
1. uname-r
2. cd /usr/scr/linux-[enter the kernel version displayed by uname -r here]
3. make mrproper
4. use emacs [or vi] to modify the Makefile , and remove that custom.
5. cp /boot/config-[enter the kernel version displayed by uname -r here] /usr/src/linux[same version here]/.config
6. make oldconfig
7. make dep

Install the nvidia drivers :

1. mount /dev/cdrom
2. cd /mnt/cdrom [or if not /mnt/cdrom then mount /cdrom, but the first one should be ok]
3. ls
4. cp NVIDIA-Linux[the rest of the numbers, characters here].run /home
5. cd /home
6. chmod 755 NVIDIA-Linux[the rest of the numbers , characters here].run /home
7. ./NVIDIA-Linux[the rest of the numbers, characters here].run
8. cd /etc/X11/
9. type : emacs [or vi, but emacs is easier to use for the first time]
10. use emacs [or vi] to modify your XF86Config file

note: you might need to install the kernel source for your current kernel, wich is on your rh9 cd, just insert the
fisrt cd, and tell it to upgrade the current system, and select Kernel Sources on the list [where you get to chose what
to install what not.

Robert B

and you cannot see Linux partitions from WinXP since it uses a totaly different file system, ext3 [or ext2...etc...] for Linux and FAT32, NTFS for WinXP . And if you are using NTFS partition for WinXP, then you won't be able to see those from linux, unless you upgrade to 2.6 kernel [if I'm right here, it has experimental NTFS support, only read, no write]

Robert B
ok, I think I have the problem solved except for one thing. I have to edit the /XF86CONFIG and change "nv" to "nvidia", my problem is I dont know how to edit at a command line level...

any takers??
ok I actually can get in and edit the file, except (1) The device listed is a generic device, not my NVIDIA card, and (2), I have absolutly no idea how to save things with emacs. I see a bar at the top that looks like menu, but when I try to click on it, it just highlights the text instead of opening a menu, it even inserts text into the file sometimes too.
NEVERMIND. I have it under control. I am writing this post from within my Redhat 9 OS. Thanks Robert, you are a great guy for helping people like me.

I'm glad you got it working smile.gif

Robert B
I don't know about what Robert83 said, but for your information, the fh/fv are the horizontal and vertical scan frequencies for your monitor to be used. The viewsonic site said the frequencies for your monitor are: fh= 30~86kHz and fv= 50~150Hz
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