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Full Version: Setting Up Apache Web Server
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Hi there,
I have just installed apache in my school dell optiplex desktop, i am using apache 2.0.4 on a redhat 9.0. Besides being my workstation, i want the desktop to basically serve as a web server for my own home page. The installation was smooth without a glitch.

The problem is to access the home page ( that I have created from my own home using an ISP ADSL connection i have to be on my school's VPN, what should i do to be able to access it from the internet rather than the intranet, or is this possible?

Please pardon if the question sounds silly, but i am a newbie in using apache. thanks in advance.
I doubt you'll be able to access it from the internet, since your school probally has a firewall/proxy.

Sorry =(
Sigh I guessed as much, probably need to pay up with one of the web server providers to obtain an internet IP address rather than the school's one.

thanks for the reply though.
another question though, Do you mean, if I have my desktop connected to the internet via my ISP, I can then use that ip address assigned to me to host my home page? assuming i don't log off or shut down (since it's a dynamic ip). thanks

you could do that, but I in most cases the ISP [at least my cable modem provider] , assings private ip adresses to its clients , or it blocks port 80 , so your website cannot be seen outside, cannot be accessed from any other ISP.

but you could try that [if your ISP assings public IP adresses to you], but if you get only private IP adresses, then it wont do you to much...I mean people on the same ISP are going to be able to see the page, but others wont.

Robert B
Thank you Robert83 for the reply, smile.gif at least i've got some of my doubts answered, will try tonight to see if the IP address provided by my ISP is private or public.
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