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Full Version: Changing Drive Names
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So if I am going to install Gentoo on my box on the same HD as my Mandrake install it occured to me that my drive numbers are going to probably change. What do I need to do in order to make sure mandrake can still boot after I create two need partitions for gentoo? Is there anything I can do?
That is not a big problem....i hope that after Mandrake would have left some space for Gentoo...Let's say it is like this...
/dev/hda1--->Mandrake Boot
/dev/hda2--->extended Partition
/dev/had5---->Mandrake root
/dev/hda7---->Mandrake usr
/dev/hda8---->Manrdake Home...

Now when...You install Gentoo in your empty partition..Don't add new partition....and use empty one..that would cause very no problem..i guess..
But if you still want to add new partition for Gentoo...then you can use parted...for manipulating partitions..Boot into single user mode..and use fdisk and parted.

But in my knowledge...parted still doesn't support ext3 partitons fully.
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