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Full Version: Setting Up Lan On Drake 10.0
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I Just installed mandrake 10.0 on my pc... Its a dual boot with windows XP.
Windows can connect to the internet through my schools network fine, so could drake 9.2, On my other box i am running Fedora Core1 and that can connect also but for some reason i cant connect with Mandrake 10. if someone could tell me where an auto configure is that would be great... i dont really know much about manualy changing things, i am runnint KDE and have searched every where for a configure tool but cant find anything... Thanx
Have you tried linuxconf and netcfg yet?

Also (I havn't used mandrake in a while, sorry) there should be a net config section in one of the system config tools (in KDE, just go to the K, and look around in system tools).
linuxconf..still exists on Mandrake-10 !!!!!

I don't think so..
Like I said, havn't used Mandrake in awhile. happy.gif

I hate that distro. biggrin.gif

I'm sure there's a graphical option somewhere, probally in system tools.
Mandrake 10 has mandrake control center ... inside the mandrake control center is a netowrk setup section.
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