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Full Version: Terminal Server Or Samba File Server ?
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I will get a server computer [Asus] , with 2xXeon 2400Mhz[I think smile.gif], 2GB RAM, 2x120GB HD, etc...
and I will get a Amd XP2200 2GB Ram 1x120GB HD, etc...

the problem is that, we still use DOS programs for managin sales etc...[ sad.gif ].

And I don't know what to do, I must use a terminal server, since the clients are pretty far [wireless is slow ... for this program ... 200-300Kbyte/s at startup for 1 user, and 100-150Kbyte/s while doing things..., while terminal is 10Kbyte/s most of the time]. And I also need a Samba file server, since I don't know of any other better way...

What should I do, what computer to use as a terminal server ? , the terminal server will have in the end up to 30 clients [all runing this DOS program, Office , E-mail, Internet, and Printing...].

What to do?

Robert B
If I understand your setup, the computer under the most load is either the Windows 2000 server .... OR the File server that has the programs on it.

I don't know how you have the data split, but I would try to put all the data and DOS executables on the Windows 2000 terminal server (to take the network conenction between the Windows 2000 Terminal server and the File Server out of the equation).

If there is to much load for the Windows machine to handle ... (you may have already detirmined this in the past), then splitting them out would be OK .... If you are going to maintain them split, I would think that the Windows 2000 server (that is running 30 clients in terminals) would be the machine under the most load, and should be the best machine....While the File server will need more hard drive space and the fastest hard drives.

Under current conditions, you can see which of you current machines seem under the most load by looking at top in linux and using task manager (or better yet, performance monitor) in Windows 2K.
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