Hello, everyone. I'm a total newbie to Linux. I just installed RH8 today, and I've got no previous experience with the system.

I need to know how to load or install a LAN card driver on Linux RH8.

I am using a PC with an Asus P4P800 motherboard. This motherboard comes with an onboard 3Com gigabit LOM LAN card. I've been using it with Win XP, before I installed RH8.

From the motherboard CD, I copied a 3Com LAN driver for Linux called 3c2000. The driver on the Win XP, however, is 3c940.

Two questions, then:

(1) Does anyone know if this driver--3c2000--will work with RH8? It is not listed in the Ethernet Devices list, I presume because it is not installed.

(2) If it will work, how do I actually load it in Linux RH8? It is sitting on the RH8 desktop, and I can't figure out how to load it. The readme for the driver has command line stuff. I'd rather do it within RH8 if possible.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, so I can get this Linux on line!

Thank you.