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Recently i have seen a flame war over emacs and vi...Now let us get real...
You may already know about most of them..emacs,vi,gedit,nedit,jed,kwrite

But if you are the one who haven't used others i will give brief introduction of other tools..
This text editor is written in java and supports extensiblity with help of many plugins...
This is merely a text default...No code assistance..
You can checkout this link....
This is a supports code assistance,auto completion.All the SDL,OPenGl functions and other
useful GNU/Linux will automatically popup with their correct syntax as you type them..Been
using it for a while...It is not very much extensible.It also keeps track of the function
defined by you..and as you use these function in some other part of code...the name of
the function will popup with correct syntax.Not only will offer auto completion f or
anything you type..Particulary useful for creating Gnome applications..
You can checkout this link
This is $50 million gift to open source community from IBM(as they say)...It is open source Project
that is similar to Websphere(IBM's Propriety project with some 500 plugin).It is an editor
for virtually anything.Just you need to have correct plugin..
It offers great deal of code assistance..but sadly auto completion is not there for everything you
type..Basically this is written in java/gtk/motif....It comes with JDT plugin so that you can start
work on your java projects immediately...but to work with c/c++ you will have to download a
seperate plugin and install it...
Checkout this link....
And for the c/c++ plugin
Last not least..this is tool specially created to cater the need of KDE developers...But it fell short
on my expectations...It doesn't have much of code assistance excpet that it provides some
interface with Qt designer...and it creates a project skeleton for you..It doesn't support auto completion also.

I don't to say..But i want the Programming forum restored...
It could have in poll area.Or at least as sticky post...But unfortunately i don't have the either start a poll in poll area or make this poll sticky..
I request do either of it..
OK ... I moved it to the polls section.....

I'm surprised that nano wasn't listed here. I use it on all systems, linux and windows. I find it the easiest and quickest, and using syntax highlighting, it can be useful for programing.

In my opinion, other editors are too bulky for basic text editing.
Yeah...i agree to that...But the question was which texteditor you use for Programming???

One more thing..though i have voted for this poll..but recently..i have started to use anjuta..for source code editing.
And it is really great..
I will recommend to all of you..worth trying..
Honestly, I use nano for my source code editing smile.gif

Tailored with nano syntax highlighting, it can be very useful.
I was exposed to nano wile I was intalling gento the other day. I liked it. It had the color coding, which is sweet. And it was very easy to use. (Unlike vi which list its command no where). I actually have been using it for a long time with out my knowledge since its basically the same thing as pine for e-mail which is what we use on campus in all the IT machines. I am going to have to look into nano some more because I have really been enjoying it, but I don't know if it will ever take the place of my emacs.
Sorry..for not including nano but it doen't comes..with Redhat.

Honestly so..i never knew nano exists.I have seen your that thread..But today's...Hi-Fi looks like coming straight from stone age.

Serious programmers won't use it.
For HTML/PHP I use VIM. happy.gif

Not only did it cure cancer, it killed off the dinasours again, back in the war of 1812. <.< >.>

I prefer it since I need a good CLI editor, since I do all my work from SSH. (I recently upgraded the ram in my server to 512, and pulled out the videocard and CD-Rom drive to use in another system).

It makes for very quick and effective editing, and I've grown used to it. happy.gif
In the GUI I use Kate and in the console I use pico. I find both very easy to use and I really love the code folding and highlighting in Kate. When you first use Kate, it shows the basic layout with a few options set, but after I configure it with all of the plugins, its good enough for me..


See where the line numbers skip between 24 and 26? That is my favorite feature. Sometimes, I'd get desparate enough to VNC into the GUI so I dont have to stick with the older colsole editors.. smile.gif
Does kate support Auto-completion???
I like auto-completion feature of Anjuta very much...
I don't think so, maybe theres a plugin for it.
QUOTE (gethemant @ Apr 9 2004, 03:59 PM)
Sorry..for not including nano but it doen't comes..with Redhat.

Honestly so..i never knew nano exists.I have seen your that thread..But today's...Hi-Fi looks like coming straight from stone age.

Serious programmers won't use it.

I have to fully disagree with you on this, the majority of software projects that I have been a part of, or have witness, the lead programmers often use nano for their source code editing.

I think it has to do with what distribution you come from. I know Redhat, Mandrake and SuSE don't come with nano by default, but for Gentoo it's the default editor, and for debian, it is readily available. When I started in linux using Redhat, i used Pico for all my text editing, however, it was only available with Pine that was non-free, therefore, unavailable when I moved to Debian. Nano is a great alternative to pico, and has extra features that Pico lacks.

I find nothing easier than nano.
nano is my second favorite editor .... it is easier to use than both vim and emacs for the console. I recommend it to newbies as their first console editor.

BUT, since vim cured cancer and all, it is the best smile.gif
I am kind of Redhat loyal..I used...Redhat-7.0,7.3,8.0,9.0,Fedora core-1,Fedora-core2...and Nano doesn't comes with any of them.

I am sorry but i can't really say how good is nano...unless i download and install it.(which is the last thing i will do!!)

But still i will say emacs is far better than many of these is not just a editor..
Well...Corey FedoraCore-2 comes with nano...
I voted other because I use all of them and more, depending on what I feel like using/what the closest thing in my icewm menu is... tongue.gif I use gedit mostly for regular editing, emacs for programmign sometimes.. I also use xemacs for programming.. Ive used Kedit... heck, ive used all the editors on that list and more for just about everything at least once happy.gif cool.gif
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