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I am not sure this is the right place to post this but I have a couple of questions regarding Linux swap partitions.
1: What is the maximum size allowed for the Linux /swap partition?
2: How many /swap partitions is allowed under Linux?
3: Can you tell me when these changes were made? i.e. in which kernel release?
I don't know what the Max is ... but I have used (2) swap partitions of 1 gb each with redhat 9, suse, fedora core 1, slackware, whitebox,debain sid, mandrake 9 and mandrake 10.
The minimum size of a swap partition should be twice your size of RAM..But certainly there is no such restriction for maximum size...

for 512MB ram 1024MB Swap highly recomended
for 256 ram 512MB swap highly recomended

but theory ,if you use memory intensive aplications...

for 256 ram 1024MB swap ...

Robert B
No...i object..if you have 256mb of ram you need not to have 1024mb of swap..Rather i will say that as you increase your amount of physical memory,the need of swap memory is reduced....I mean a inversely proportional relation..

Have you ever seen more than 100mb of swap used..(well we manage a linux server in our college that has 2gb of ram and 1 gb of swap..but i have never seen it using more than 100mb of swap)
I try really hard not to have any swap space in use ...

I would agree that the optimal solution is to add more memory to your PC if you are using lots of swap space. Using swap causes the whole machine to be very slow.

But, on a large hard drive I normally just add 1gb of swap space reguardless of memory size (you don't need more than 1GB swap even if you have a machine with 3gb of RAM). If I am installing on a really small hard drive (8 gb or less) I will to 2xMEMORY up to 1gb of swap...

On one of my machines, I had a leftover 1Gb partition in the middle of the extended partiton ... so I created a second swap space of 1Gb ... to see if I could. So that multiboot machine has (2) 1 gb swap partitions.
Thanks or your help, guys but after posting the question, I went digging for about three days looking for an answer. I know in the earlier kernel release, i.e. around 2.0, the maximum size of the swap partition was limited to 127MB and the number of partitions were limited to either 16 or 17. "Mad Dog" said so in his Linux For Dummies book. However after further research, chasing down a couple of links over at and elsewhere, I have discovered the correct answer to be, and this is after kernel 2.4, a maximum of 64GB per partition and the number of partitions to be 32.
Whee, that is a lot of hard drives!
Once again, thanks for your help. I really appreciae it.
The max partition size for a 2.4.x kernel depends on a lot of factors (processor type, file system, etc.) ... but the smallest max partiton size is 1 TB .... (that is terrabyte). But the normal posted limit is 2 TB. See this link and this link.

I have a 115gb partition on my gentoo MythTV box. It is a 2.6.4 kernel, but I was able to mount, use and see all of this ext3 partition with a 2.4.25 kernel.
The max swap size that can be used in an i386 arch is 2 GB. You can use more than one swap area at a time, so you could use more than 2 GB.
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