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Full Version: Respawning "x"
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sad.gif I did a update to my fedora core1 yesterday and it wnt south.....X fails to load this is what i get after a clean reboot

init: id "X" respawning to fast: disabled for 5 min

when i try to


i get some errors what can i do to fix this??
make sure all the updates are done ...

did you upgrade your kernel?

If so, did you have to load NFORCE2, NVIDIA, or ATI drivers before? If so, when you upgrade your kernel, you have to reinstall the new drivers.
I had a similar problem when i did a minimal install of fedora(X-window was not installed at all)
But still fedora tried to boot in to X-mode and somehow it seems that after once failing to start x-window..unlike Redhat-8.0/9.0(where x-window will be disabled after first failure) attempts to restart x-window again and agian...and thus the error...

Anyway for the time being until you fully update your packages ...just edit the file /etc/inittab and boot into text-mode(by setting run-id to 3)...
ok yea this has happend twice:S i had a HARD time with up2date and updating packages on this pc. it is a celeron 500 with intel 810 vid and 128 megs of ram. it is running as a simple file server on my MS Network..but every attemp to update system it crashes....i am useing redhat fedora.
Well...i think...your video card(i810) is fully supported on GNU/ should work fine...the update wasn't complete it seems..But as suugested by hughesjr on may occasions...instead of using up2date for updating the system..Why not install apt and update your system using that...
Oh......Remember NEWBIE here lol......ok tell me about this apt biggrin.gif
apt is a package similar to up2date but originally written for Debian...i am suggesting this because hughesjr seems to be a fan of it...

I think we are online....But here i don't have any online instant messanger..otherwise we could have a nice little chat..Actually i am working at Net Lab of my college...And i can install nothing on this computer(it is windows Xp of course)....
andy1974 .....well i have wanted to get into linux for a long time...and i happend to get a "SPARE" system so i decided to take the plung about a month ago....
The reason I like apt (apt-rpm actaully) is that it doesn't require the RHN subscription. The free RHN subscription is now tied to one RedHat computer ... and in less than a month, RedHat will stop providing support for RH9.

For Fedora Core ... actually either apt or yum or up2date all work pretty much the same.

I like to use apt for fedora because freshrpms, dag and ATRPMS provide so much software in RPM format, ready to install.

I have to try hard to find stuff they don't have!

Anyway ... to install, on fedora core 1, go here. Download the first file (currently and save it to disk...

install via the command:

rpm -Uvh

Then replace the file /etc/apt/sources.list with this code:
# Fedora Linux 1
rpm fedora/linux/1/i386 core updates freshrpms
### Dag Apt Repository for Red Hat Fedora Core 1 (rhfc1)
rpm redhat/fc1/en/i386 dag
rpm redhat/en/i386/fc1 newrpms
rpm fedora/1/en/i386 at-testing at-bleeding at-good at-stable

(in case they wrap on your display, each rpm line is a single line.)

Then do:

apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade

You can then search for stuff to install via:

apt-cache search package

and install new stuff with:

apt-get install package

For instanace ... to install mplayer, you would do....

apt-get install mplayer
There is also a GUI package called synaptic ... I don't use it, but if you prefer GUI, do:

apt-get install synaptic

then run synaptic from a root terminal or create a launcher to run it.
Just a suggestion...
Your's is not a very powerfull system..And you want to use it as a file server..In my opinion running X on this system will a waste of resources...
Just let this computer run in text mode...and you can save considerable amount of CPU/memory.
This is an advantage of Linux.
Yes ... I would boot it to runlevel 3 ... and only run X when you have to.

Well, that is how I do all servers (no need running X when it's not required).

I usually have enough hard drive space to install X and Gnome ... and I do run it for some things, but on Servers, I mostly don't use a GUI at all.
Makes Sence!!!....ok so the big to change the default run levels at boot??.....and also a list of the levels would be help full to lets say i want the server to boot to text mode, and then i want to change something. all i need to do is "startx"? once in "x" and after change is made, how to exit "X" and get back to text mode?? REBOOT? unsure.gif huh.gif
Very Simple...
checkout the contents of file...

and look for a line..where runlevel of you system is specified...
it would be 5 by default change it to 3..
That's all you have to do...
to exit X, there will be a Logout section on the X Menu ... which right now takes you back to your display manager ... later it will take you back to the console.

The full line you are looking for in /etc/inittab is:


change the 5 to 3 ... like this:

ok got it.... biggrin.gif
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