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Full Version: I Made The Jump To Linux... Help !
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Hello ALL !!!
Well here I am with a new OS and I am doing ok except that I am haveing problems with some downloads from the net. When I try and download some things I am asked "what would you like to open this with"? And that is where I am stummped. I have tried to look it up in How To's but to no avail. I am running Mandrake 9.1. Ant help would be GREAT !!!
Ignoring that the message says "open with what?", do you see three buttons under it, one of which is "save"? If so, choose that and it might work (it does for me, on Mandrake 9.1).

Other options include using another browser -- you've probably got a view in your start menu (Networking -> WWW is where all five of mine were installed to when I installed Mandrake).
Right ....

the question is asked so that you can either save the file .... or maybe open it with something else ... (like I would pick xpdf (or gpdf) if I wanted to open a pdf file and not save it) ... if you just want to save the file, click save.
No should be thankful that your internet connection is working fine in GNU/Linux...

Linux has been infamous about it's ways of configuring internet connection..
OK Thanks for the tips wink.gif But I just tried to download Yahoo IM again and although it says it is in rpm form it still won't let me download it. I can save it but then am lost on how to open it. I am very new to Linux and i really like this OS. Although it is frustrating to learn, at the same time I enjoy the challenge !!!! With a little help from you folks I will get through. Thanks again
Hemant have saved the yahooIm rpm install yahoo messanger..use command
#rpm -i yahoo<xxx.>.rpm
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