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Full Version: Very-very Wierd Keyboard Problem
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Earlier [a month ago , aprox] I posted a keyboard problem with rdesktop...I've been since trying out new keyboard, samsung,logitech,acer and non of them would work as it should in that DOS program [the dos program was working ok till rdesktop was used, and without Tame Dos(I need this now,7 Dos programs running simutaneusly on a Win2000 Terminal Server].

I can now describe the problem very-very clearly :

For example :

You type in [in the dos program] a number using the Numlock [ON] 543 and after that press SHIFT+6 it will show 6...
but if you type in the numbers that are above the characters 125 and after that press SHIFT+6 it will show ^ , what could be the problem here?
the linux distros are Rh9 latest updates , latest kernel... [currently I'm installing Fedora Core 1 on one of the machines , to see if it has something to do with Linux or rdesktop...I don't know...maybe it's Tame Dos that's doing it? , since it's installation some character are not showing up at the DOS program as they should for example > is now [] , but I'm not quiet sure].
If there is a solution to this, please do tell me [I can't wait till we throw away this dos stuff, and finaly move to Windows based aplications...using MySQL...]

Robert B
you aint the only one with a keyboard problem...
here is my situation...that i figure is un-resolvable

ill be typing like normal in all lower case, then the next
then i see is all the letters in CAPS and the caps lock key
is not set, and if i press the "." key it would output the ">" character..

the only way that i can type in lower case during this situation
is to press the shift key or press the caps lock key....but during this
situation i cant type " ' " or ";" or any characters that you would type
without using the shift key....who system is up to date
its been happening since like redhat 7.2 im thinking about changing
the keyboard to see if that is the problem...but i think back and i believe
it was happening with another keyboard.....

it eventually returns to normal after a several keystrokes.....

other than that i just deal with it.....
Yes it the same...

That numlock problem only show up once in every new line, after the first SHIFT+6=6 , another SHIFT+6=^ in the same line...

but in a new line it's again [after that numlock ...number] SHIFT+6=6 , again SHIFT+6=^...

If Fedora Core 1 solves this for me, I'll post it here,...and you can try Fedora Core 1 [I'm using these computers as terminals]

Robert B
no fedora for me dude, sorry
im stickin with whitebox....
i cant see running fedora as my server os yet...thats if i even do

I'm using whitebox for servers...
I'm using Red Hat 9 for my clients...but I will change Red Hat 9 to Fedora Core 1 if that wierd keyboard problem stops.

Robert B
i might be able to test various linux installs if i can get my
hands on the server my dad has...until then i just got my
production whitebox server...

WOW YOU ARE LUCKY!!! smile.gif smile.gif

So your dad is in linux too ?

thats cool, I'm the one and only linux freak in my family , I'm learning linux from 07:00-23:00 each day smile.gif
I've been doing linux for a total of 4-5 months [really hardcore...], the only help I get is in this forum...would
be cool , If I had a relative that knew linux really good smile.gif.

If my dreams come true, one day I will know enough about linux, to be able to move to germany,...and someday
hopefully I will be able to get to USA for a week or two to see some hardcore LAN's smile.gif, I would be the happiest man ever smile.gif)))

Robert B
my dad is just learning to use it...but its not something he is really into..i have tought him a few things....but mainly im his tech support..

other than that ive been reading books, forums, faqs, manuals to get to where i know linux....nobody is around to help me with situations that might go wrong...well not anymore....where i used to work
they ran linux, solaris, i learned quite a bit...but since i was let go from the company its been a little more difficult to get somethings accomplished....ive been working with linux since redhat 5.1 so ive been through alot of crap.....just it used to be a whole hell of alot harder then, its getting pretty easy now with trying to do things..i just got to sit down and do it, not just think about doing it and never get it done.....btw im checking the issue with you now able to do might be that only mods and admins can start polls
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