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Full Version: Mozilla Mplayer Help?
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Hey, I have spend the last week setting up Fedora Core 1 to the way i like it however i am still having trouble with Mozilla. I have 1.6 installed and i want to play embeded movie files on it. i installed mplayer and plugger but they dont work.... if i just use plugger the space for the movie stays a grey color, and if i use mplayer (only tested with an apple trailer) mozilla will just close, Firefox will load the buffer to 99% then hang. I have no clue how to fix this or what to do.. HELP PLEASE!!!

On a semi related subject, my flashplayer pluggin works, however, the sound is out of snyc, if anyone could help with either of these topics that would be awesome... Thanx again
Actually, I have almost given up on trying to get a videoplayer to play movies from mozilla with a plugin.

The realplayer for Unix has a security issue that caused the Gentoo folks to mask it (the issue is fixed on windows, not fixed in linux)... so i uninstalled it.

Most new Windows Media Player and Real Player sites no longer pass the location of the media file directly to the media player, but they instead pass a URL to another URL, the second URL contains the path to the Media file (or the path to an ad and then a third url redirect to the actual content).

Both RealOne player and Windows Media Player 9 have built in web browser engines and they can handle the multiple links just fine. Mplayer doesn't handle these type of links correctly...(it only works if the first link points to the media file). So Mplayer can play both Real and Windows Media files ... if you can download them ... but it doesn't do a good job utilizing the plugins because of the redirect issue.

I am having no problem with shockwave ... I just installed a version for redhat 9, RHEL 3, and Makdrake 9.2 from here each worked fine on this site
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