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Full Version: Old Mozilla Won't Go Away
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I'm using RedHat 9. I recently discovered my version of Mozilla was quite out of date. So I downloaded the new version. I went into Add/Remove Applications, and it won't let me uninstall the old version of Mozilla. It complains about packages not being installed. Yet, when I installed RedHat, I did a "complete" install. So I went ahead and installed the new Mozilla to /usr/include/mozilla (old directory is /usr/include/mozilla-1.*). I can run Mozilla out of that directory, but none of my shortcuts updated. I also deleted the old Mozilla folder, because I don't need it. But even right now, I'm running the old Mozilla. It's like its installed somewhere else...

So, my questions are: how can I completely rid myself of this old install? How can I update my system so when I type "mozilla" in a terminal, it brings up the new version?

Thank you.
Wow. Thanks for all the great replies. Everyone sure helped me! I see now why everyone looks up to the Linux community.

Red Hat package manager is well known to do some mistakes when installing stuff, it does not resolve dependencies correctly sometimes...and so on ...

the answer to you're question is :

open up a terminal window :

and type rpm -q mozilla

and then it should show you two mozilla-xxxx_version
and mozilla-yyyy_version

you then just rpm -e mozilla-xxxx_version [or yyyy_version] , the one that is older...

and that's it, the older mozilla should be removed.

And PLEASE be patient when you ask a question, the admins and morderators doesn't have the time to always answers questions in minutes/hours...

Robert B
Well, thanks for the reply. I had all instances of Mozilla uninstalled and cleaned out. I downloaded and installed 1.6 from Now when I do a 'rpm -q mozilla', I get 'package mozilla is not installed'. How do I notify the system that I have installed Mozilla? Also when I go to change the path for the shortcut in the hat menu, I get a "read only file system" error. What can I do to change that? I logged in as root, no change...

Mozilla will only show up with rpm -q if you installed Mozilla 1.6 from an rpm package,...otherwise if you installed from source, it won't show up as a installed rpm, and may cause problems later, when you wan't to install some other rpm's and they depend on Mozilla...etc...

As for that shorcut thing, I haven't played that much with Linux in GUI, but you can create with right click on the desktop a quick launch, and you can drag that to you're taskbar, or drag it to wherever you like it to be placed...

Robert B
give somebody some time to get to the website and read though the tech support question...

now to answer your question...
if you signed possibley signed up for a demo rhn account at redhat
you could have just run "up2date -fu" in a console window and it would have updated everything on your system including you mozilla

and when you install from source ....being its not an rpm...the rpm manager wont know its installed being its not an rpm.....

another thing is if you didnt sign up for an up2date account....
of course this is easily just running "up2date" from a console window or there is a shortcut for it in your start menu....
its that easy...if not you could have just gone to the mozilla site or and looked for a newer version of mozilla for your redhat version in rpm format, saved it to your computer and then ran
rpm -Uvh mozilla-version.rpm and it would have updated the mozilla for you and you wouldnt be having to bitch about nobody answering your questions fast enough.

of course then again why didnt you just install the newer version of mozilla in the original folder where the old one was....that of course would have worked....but then didnt know that....and of course it installed the folder you installed it to...cause it installs just like on a windows machine...same as i dont know why you couldnt find the installed directory that it installed to....

there is an installer script too that you probably didnt know about too and thats why you couldnt get it to work next time why dont you give some of us a chance to get to the site to read your problem ...cause we got problems of our own to deal with that entails more than just a crapped install of mozilla....
wayneterry: You waited 2 hours before you made a sarcastic and smart-mouthed comment. ;-_-

The people here don't get paid to answer your questions, nor do they work for you. The owners here host this (with no ads! whoo!) and spend their time answering questions (the mods too! biggrin.gif)

Linux can be frustrating, but questions here get answered very quickly (compared to other forums), and when chrisw, Robert, or hughesjr answer a question, it's usually the right answer.

Hell, even after that remark, they're still trying to help you.

Ungrateful bitch.
and with my previous post..i have accounted for 400 posts...woohoo..
you could also use apt-get to install and upgrade you're system , and there you don't have to complicate your life with obtaining a demo acount from Red Hat [by the way, are they still supporting RH9?].

Goto this site , and download this file :

download it to somewhere like /home/apt-get/apt-0.5.5cnc6-fr1.i386.rpm

rpm -Uvh apt-0.5.5cnc6-fr1.i386.rpm

now do :
1. apt-get update
2. apt-get dist-upgrade
[and it will automaticaly update every package on you're system [that needs updates].
optional : and if you ever need some other software [the easy way, and you don't need the latest/greatest[?]] , you can install softwares like this
apt-get install xine [xine is a multimedia player , mp3...etc...videos]
apt-get install mplayer [a movie player, console based, though it has a GUI but it's just in the's simple, and powerfull, plays all my DivX ...XviD etc... movies under linux]

Robert B
ya they still support redhat up to april 19.....ive made the switch already....
I'm using Fedora Core 1 [and it's stable smile.gif ] and thanx to you people my Desktop Theme is also quiet relaxing in it's light blue theme...with a fancy wallpaper...a Cat in a dark background [the same picture that is on my test page]

Robert B
Basically you can't simply upgrade mozilla because there are applications that depend on mozilla
like..let us say galeon,epiphany...(if you have insatlled)....

I upgraded my this way..
# rpm --no-deps -Uvh mozilla<>.rpm
you can just upgrade mozilla if you have to
I wasn't going to answer, because of the riduculious comment about no one helping after just 2 hours.

wayneterry, if you paid $2499/year for a RedHat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server License (with their absolute best support package), and submitted and e-mail to them asking for their support...they have 24 hours to respond. If you call them on the phone, they will respond within 1 hour (the second best package {$1499/year}, they get 2 days by e-mail/web and 4 hours by phone) .... and that is the absolute best support I have ever seen anywhere.

If you pay me $2499/year, I'll give you the same support as the RHEL people ... but since you won't, and since I have to eat and pay my rent, I will continue to work my real job from 9am-5pm CST/USA and I will help people for free on this and other websites in my free time.

If you would have read several of my posts on this board in the last couple weeks, I have told people that installing from source can cause problems because .... if you don't install via RPM .... then the RPM dependancies will not be met. If you install something from source, you will have to totally track all changes and build not only that package from source, but all dependant packages from source as well (or maintain an updated source version {that you use} and the older rpm version that meets all the depenancies)....however, I would not recommend that.

What I would instead recommend is that you install APT from

Freshrpms has version 1.6 of mozilla already built in an RPM format ... as well as many updated programs ... and they also publish all redhat fixes / security updates as well.

you can install APT by going here:

Clicking on the top file, then installing it via (after it is downloaded):

rpm -Uvh apt-0.5.5cnc6-fr1.i386.rpm

you can then add the 4 best apt repositories (in my opinion) for apt by replacing the file /etc/apt/sources.list with this:

# Red Hat Linux 9
rpm redhat/9/i386 os updates freshrpms
### Dag Apt Repository for Red Hat Fedora Core 1 (rhfc1)
rpm redhat/9.0/en/i386 dag
rpm redhat/en/i386/9.0 newrpms
rpm redhat/9/en/i386 at-testing at-bleeding at-good at-stable

Then do:

apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade

Then after that, do:

apt-get install mozilla
If you make any other outrageously rude comments when asking for help, I (for one) will not help you agian.
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