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Full Version: Mandrake 10.0
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I fixed the mouse problem... I am very impressed with Mandrake, so far...

I created two users:

1) root
2) untz

When I start-up Mandrake... The setup screen only gives me the option of selecting "untz" (along with the avatar I chose) and doesn't let me pick "root" anywhere... How do I change this so I can type in either "untz" or "root"?

Also, what's the software to use to verify my sound blaster is working (MP3 player?) and also for MPEGs?

Many, many thanks!

Mandrake is sort of linux with training wheels. Its fully capable of doing everything, but it has some safe guards up to make sure you don't tip over. One of them is it tries to discourage you rom loging in as root. You wont be able to make a root avitar but its there. Just type in root and your password and it will let you in. You shouldn't have had to create a 'root' user, thats given to you automatically and if it let you do that I am suprised.

My recomendation is to stay out of the root graphical enviroment. When you need to do something with root permision go into a console and type su than enter your password when asked, or just open a root console form the menu. Either one lets you do everything you can as a root user.

Hope that at least answers the first question, as for the second, someone else will have to get to that.
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