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Full Version: I Accidentally Removed My Boot & Root Partitions!
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Like an idiot, I run as root all the time. I've been thinking that I'll eventually learn my lesson, and now I did. When I went to format a Zip disk with GNU Parted, I accedentially removed all the partitions on my hard drive. I didn't actually delete any data (I don't think).

Will booting from a Parted boot disk and re-partitioning the drive fix the problem?
Somebody who knows anything at least tell me if you think this method will work!
when it comes to deleting the boot and root directory...
this calls for a re-install...sorry...

thats just my opinion and would by far seem the easiest..
the only way to recover the data that I can see would be to replace the partition table with the exact same one. I am guessing you don't have that so I think you are up the creek with out a paddle buddy.

Re-partitioning, even the same sizes, wont fix the problem because the drive will asume that you are destroying all the data that is there.

There might be some ways to extract the data, but to make the drive usable again you are going to have to start over. Maybe somebody else knows how extract the data using something like NortonGohst or something. I don't.
This is an interesting situation. With Windows/DOS based systems (ie. FAT and NTFS) reformatting only removes the file allocation table, ie. the list of where all the files are held. Specialised software (as is often used by police forensics teams) can retrieve the data by searching every bit on the disk, and can normally recover an entire hard drive despite a reformatting providing nothing has been written to the disk since the format.

I would assume there is a similar tool available for the Linux file system. If so, just buy it and run it. In not, you're in big trouble.
As lest0039 said, if you know the exact setup of your partition table you can put it back and all will be good.

If you don't know the exact partition table setup, I don't know how to recover.
try this:
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