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Full Version: Setting Path In X
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I am new to Linux and am attempting to get the KDE / Gnome menus to respect my PATH environment variable (so the underlying command is simply "mozilla" rather than being fully qualified, for instance). I've looked for an answer to this for awhile, but can't get things to work for me.

Could someone tell me how to do this?

It's different for Mozilla to install somewhere that is not in your path. Either way, if you would like to add it to your path, find out where the mozilla binary is located to (locate mozilla, or whatever) and add it to your path by placing these two lines into your ~/.bash_profile (provided you're using bash):

export PATH

Each time you log in, the path will be exported so you can run mozilla (or any other program in that path) by just typing the executable's name.
Thanks for the response - will this work in X, though? I know that editing ~/.bash_profile is what to use when I am working from a bash shell, but I want the menus in X to respect the path as well. Essentially, as I add an item to the X menu, I must specify the target, and I'm just not sure if setting the path in .bash_profile will affect this or not. I'll try it when I get home, though.

If you use bash as your underlying shell, the above method should work. Another thing you could do is install a package called "menu", i'm not sure about other distribtuions, but I know that with Debian, all packages that are installed after installing menu are added to your kde, gnome, windowmaker (etc.) menus automatically (or with the command update-menus). Either way, editing your ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bashrc should work.
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