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Full Version: System Hang
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My linux pc hangs. I can not do anything at that time except switch off.

How to kill any process/shutdown at that time.

I am using RedHat 9.0.

Please help.

Your post is a bit confusing. happy.gif

Could you please answer the following:

1. What are your systems stats? (CPU, Ram, etc.)
2. When exactly does this happen?
3. Are you asking how to kill proccesses, or that you cannot? "How to kill any process/shutdown at that time." doesn't really tell us anything.
4. When did this start happening?

Most likely you're trying to run (or auto-starting) a program that is eating up all your CPU usages, and you're getting locked up.

Open a console/terminal, and type in "top", and paste the output here. Also, do a "ps -A", and post that here.

If it freezes before you can do that, at the login screen press "Control + Alt + F1" and you should be in console (no GUI). Log in and do those commands.
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