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I am new to Linux and have installed Mandrake 9.2. Could someone please tell me how to install software-e.g. --'a cover disc . In windows you just pop it in and sit back but with linux i gather you have to....... well do something but what I dont know.
you can install software with RPMDrake ....

Open the Mandrake Control Center and Pick software
Thank you Hughesjr-----there is however a PROBLEM , ie----many many years ago I bought a commodore and without realizing it, was in a little time actually writing programms in dos--------that WAS years ago so when I got a computer about a year ago with Windows xp I got in to the bad habit of just going Click, click and Windows did it all. The result being that I now know NOTHING about computing. This is why I changed over to Mandrake Linux. The idea being that I would start to learn. The problem is that I dont even know how to install a cd which is what I'm trying to do now. I went to Install software but have no idea what to do after that. If anyone out has a minute to spare perhaps you can tell me what to do next.
Installing software in mandrake falls into two major categories, first are rpm files and the second is source or tar files.

Rpm files are the easiest. Just click and let them run them selves, they are like the exe files you are used to in windows. You can take it up a step and use the command line to install them, in order to do this you need to mix the rpm command with various modifiers and the file name. Something like

Rpm –Uvh somefile.rpm

The modifiers (letters after the -) will change with each install.

Second is the source code install. Those usually come in tar files, much like zip files in windows. First you have to extract them into a folder, than go into that folder and read the readme file. The readme file will tell you what special things you may need to do to compile the program. Usually you will run the three following commands

make install

::::Edit:::: Make install should be two words, not one :::::

However, I would suggest always reading the readme files for each program you intend to install. That’s what’s going to help you the most. What ever commands you end up having to run, always watch for error messages, that will be your first clue that somethings going wrong and how to fix it.

As for installing from the CD I am not quite sure what you are trying to do. I have never seen a linux program (other than the distro itself) come on a CD. Linux doesn’t have the “auto run install” feature like windows. If you want help installing this specific piece of software, write back and tell us what exactly you are trying to install.
Many Thanks Lest for going to all that trouble. Is more than kind of you. I'll print it off and study/practic what you say.
I am trying to install a cd that came with this months LINUX FORMAT. The programe on the disc is I think a -- to use Windows speak -- a system scan type thing. I just want to check that having just installed Mandrake that I hav'nt done anything to Mess Up my hard drive or whatever progs that run linuux.
As I have said I know NOTHING cannot even find where it is that I'm suposed to type in the MAN to access Man and Howto etc. I guess by now someone reading is thinking "My God this guy is a gold plated Moron" and to be honest I am beging to feel really stupid. But, and here is the rub...the Manual that came with the Mandrake does not actually say where you type in anything. And nothing about loading a cd. I have a Book on Red Hat and have read that but again nothing about loading a cdrom etc.
Yet again, Than You for your help.
Nah, people don't flame here. happy.gif Nice forums, you should stick around. =D

You should mount your CD-Rom drive first (in terminal):
su (enter)
password: (your pass) (enter)
mount /dev/cdrom /cdrom
(or mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom)

Then doubleclick on the CDRom icon on your desktop. If there isn't one, just "cd /cdrom" or "cd /mnt/cdrom" in console as root.

Now you'll probally have to read the "INSTALL" or "README" file. It should explain how to install or run this program. It'll probally just involve you (in console) typing in "cd /cdrom" and "./programname" to run it.
smile.gif Thank You , Thank You and yet again to all of you who went to the trouble of helping me THANK YOU.

Hopefully at some time ( and it will be some considerable time), I will be able to carry on this wonderfull culture of giving friendly assistance to others.

And in closing-- yet another THANK YOU, to everyone.
Bah, no trouble.

I need more posts anyways. happy.gif
Your just trying to stay out infront of me on total posts. I am nipping at your heald for that number nine spot. Ha, one more for me.
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