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Full Version: Partitioning
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I want to give the rest of the diskspace to linux, I was going to duel boot but i have no reason to.

How would i go about doing this?
use the command:

fdisk device

(where device is the hard drive (/dev/hda , dev/hdb, etc.)

Once in fdisk, use the command p to print the partition table ... it will show all the partitions on that drive.

If the partition exists, and it is the wrong type (ie DOS, Windows, etc.), you can use d to delete the partition. (If you have a partition market as EXTENDED ... don't delete it).

Use n to create a new partiton.

Now use p to verify the partiton table is as you want ... you haven't yet commited any changes. If it is OK, use w to write and exit. If it is not correct, use q to exit, then enter fdisk agian.
Now you have a partition for Linux ... but you need to make a file system.

Ext3 is the new standard Linux file system ... reiserfs is a little faster ... RedHat uses mainly Ext3 ... Suse, Mandrake and Debian (Sarge and Sid) use reiserfs as default ... What is your Distro and version?
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