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Full Version: Which Distro To Use?
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Hi... I've been using Red Hat (7 - 9.0) for the past two years, and feel like its time to try other distributions.

I run a P4 Dual Boot using GRUB:

I have:

1) ATI Radeon 9800 XT 256 DDR Video Card
2) 1 Gigabyte of DDR Ram
3) Sound Blaster Audigy
4) Hauppage WinTV Capture Card
5) Plexthor DVD-RW (& DVD+RW)

My question is... What distro should I use to that is the easiest to install and has a very awesome GUI?

Mandrake? Suse?

In addition, what is better KDE or Gnome? Don't most Linux distros have both that you can select as the default GUI?

I just want something that is easy to configure (along with my hardware) and am tired of Red Hat (no offense to any Red Hat fans!) smile.gif

Kindest regards,


Well Mandrake is easy to install and configure ,

and there is Fedora Core 1 [wich is stable with the latest updates], and has the same installer as RH9,and the setup update is done the same way...

as for Suse , I've tried it once [it was Suse 8.2] and I don't like it... but you can feel free to try it smile.gif, it just that , that I really don't like that yast thingie...and that green stuff and the installation...

these distros should be quiet easy to install / configure if you are used to installing , setting up RH9,

also if you wan't to experiment with file servers , etc... you should try WhiteBox Enterprise Linux 3.0, it has also anaconda , and the same setups as the RH9, but it has Enterprise kernel, and Enterprise version of Samba , Squid [proxy server] etc...

Robert B
Mandrake and Suse default with KDE as their desktop, but you can choose either KDE or Gnome.

Mandrake has a version 10 out, and with your video card, that might be the best bet to try (that card is very new).

Fedora Core is basically RedHat (as is WhiteBox Linux).

Debian and Gentoo are also good choices.... just depends on your preference.

Of all the distros I mentioned, I would pick in this order (for a workstation).

1. Gentoo
2. Debian
3. Mandrake
4. WhiteBox
5. Fedora
6. Suse

Gentoo is the hardest to install ... debian is the second hardest ... Mandrake is the easiest to install ...
Thanks guys!

Tell me more about Suse and Mandrake... How many ISOs do I have to download for each distro?

Novell bought Suse and IBM & HP have signed deals to establish Suse in their prospective work places.

Any positives regarding Suse?
I don't know anything about SuSE, but I've just installed Mandrake 10.0 and I can attest to it being amazing.
My personal recomendation is to go ahead and try them out for a wile. Its really hard for us to tell you what your going to like, we can sit her and recomend our favorites till the end of web space but you have to get your hands dirty and figuer it out on your own.

I recomend just downloading ISOs for a couple of distros and knocking yourself out, spend a week or two trying each one out just like the bears did in that little blonde's house. Eventualy you will find a distro that you like, feel comfortable with, and works for you. When you do, you and that distro will live happily every after.

Thats what I say because I am still doing it, I just keep trying them out and one of these days I will find that distro thats right for me and settle myself down in a nice hard-drive in the suburbs and raise 2.4 floppy disks of our own.

Good luck man, and have fun, thats what its all about.
SUSE doesn't have downloadable ISOs for install ... you have to use their FTP install.

Mandrake 10 has 3 ISOs for download, see this thread.

The ftp servers may not be as loaded now ... so they may be ok too. I still lik bittorrent better though.
Try out Knoppix first. wink.gif

It's a live distro, so you don't have to install before trying it. It has a great update utility called "apt-get" (just run "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade" and all your stuff will be up to date). If you want to install it to the harddrive, open up a console window and type "sudo knx-hdinstall"

Also, all the cool kids are doing it... *darts eyes around*
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