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Full Version: Dual Boot Xp Suse
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misled youth
I am trying to dual boot Windows XP Pro with SuSE 9.0 Pro using grub as the boot manager

basically i had two seperate machines 1 linux box and 1 xp box. I took the linux HDD out of that box and set it up in the XP box, with plans to dual boot.

Currently i have linux as hd0 and windows as hd1 and addede the following commands to the grub boot file

title Windows XP
map (hd1, hd0)
rootnoverify (hd0) **** tried (hd1) here as well
chainloader +1

Both of the OS's boot fine on there own. but together i can boot into linux but not into XP

Now i have tried multiple variations based on this, found in other message boards as well as the grub manual.

Can someone please help me out with this.
If you are taking hard drives in and out you are going to create issues. You need to sit down with both hard-drives iin and figuer it out.

Depending on your BIOS/board your box will probably make what ever hard drive is in there hd0 or hda0 so if though its on the slave IDE slot, it will probably be bumped up to 0.

I suggest installing both hard-drives and trouble shooting the issue like that. You might try re-installing GRUB and letting it pick the settings based on the drives it sees. Eithere way, as I have learned the hard way, when installing systems you want to have all the hard-drives where you want them and all plugged in or it will cause problems.
What exactly do you mean by "Windows XP isn't booting"? Does it freeze, or do you not see it under Grub?

I don't have much experiance with grub, but if you're doing "hd0" or "hd1", don't you need hda (or hdb, c, d) instead of just hd?

Forgive me if this is a foolish question, because I have never used SuSe (or done much with grub), but every other distro I've tried needs a third letter to identify which HDD it is.

If you do not see it under grub, after editing the grub config file, do you need to run "grub" or another program to update grub in the MBR?
Have you tried installing the boot loader onto your xp hard dive and using that hard drive as the main hard dive
Windows xp will boot only from a primary hard drive....So first think is to make windows xp hrd drive primary and suse secodry....
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