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Full Version: Linux On Laptop
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I have a old 400mhz 256mb ram laptop I'm going to install linux on. What is the best distro for laptops, in your opinion?

Also, I've heard there are alot of problems with things like the touchpad. Is that true?
There are lots of problems with touch pads if you don't install the drivers for them, which usually are pretty hard to find. Depending on what distro you use though you should probably be fine.

The problem your going to run into is that you have an older laptop with a little less power in it. I at the very lease suggest you stay away from interfaces like KDE and Gnome and maybe stick to Windowmaker or the like. They have less of the 'frills' that suck down power off a computer. Big bad desk-top computers can usually afford to burn a little but your not going to be able to.

My suggestion would be Debian with Windowmaker, I think that would give you every thing you need and should run pretty well with your stuff.

What you are also going to want to do is see if you can find driver sets for your lap top and have them ready to go. This is important for more than just your track pad, it will help power your NIC and video and everything else.

Good luck.
Probably debian sarge with XFce will give you the best results ... touch pads can be a problem.

What kind of laptop is it?
It's a Dell Inpiron.

I don't worry about power, since the laptop is unable to use batteries anymore. ;-_-

I just keep it by my bed for reading. happy.gif
By power I was refering to proccessing power, thats the power you need worry about. You said it was only a 400 mHz, thats pretty slow compaired to todays desktops which is what the more fancy graphical interfaces are being written to run on.
I have been running Red Hat 7.3 on my old pentium and aside from my issues with wireless networking, it has run well. The NEC 5080x has a touch pad and I have had little problem with it. As correctly noted, the KDE interface runs a bit slow but not so much as to be unuseable. I Have tried Red Hat 9 on it in the past and that it is way too much operating system for the processor.

The older distributions while they have limits, work better on older equipment IMHO.
I just installed debian sarge on my pII - 366mhz laptop. It has 192 mb RAM, 6gb hard drive. I have a 2.6.3 kernel and fluxbox as the primary GUI. (Gnome is loaded, and I can run it, but it is very slow with gnome).

I tried XFce, but I didn't like the version (3.81) that can with I am sticking with fluxbox as the GUI for now.

Open Office 1.1, Mozilla-Firefox 0.8, Evolution 1.4.0 ... and it is usable..
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