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Full Version: Good Video Player?
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I'm looking for a video player that has/can:

* Play ogg files
* Has a playlist
* Has an option to switch to/from subtitles, and change the audio language (for movies that allow it)

At the moment all I have it gxine (I think it's called), but it really sucks. happy.gif Cannot play asf or ogg files, and doesn't seem to have a playlist nor a way to switch audio/subtitles.

Anyone know of a good one?

Also, where can I get codecs for linux?

I think you would be satisified with mplayer it can play a LOT of movie types [found none that didn't work till now, I've got 120 Film CD + 80GB on HD , not much, but whatever movie I wanted to play , ...worked], you can get the source

start with the install howto, because you'll need to download from the same site the win32 codecs , and these must be copied into the given directory...

you first need to compile the source code, with the --gui-enabled options [or something like that, read the installation manual], then you need to download some skinks.

I was having a lot of trouble with getting the skins to works, but the player is awesome even from console... [you'll need to install / copy fonts to the fonts dir of mplayer to be able to use the OSD]...

you simply type -sub movie.sub movie.avi

and there it start , press o for turning OSD on off , press f for full screen...etc....

Robert B
gstreamer is going to be very good ... but right now, I would have to agree that Mplayer is the best video player out there.
You could also try Xine, I have really liked it and never run into a video it can't play. The installation can be a little tricky, but its a good player as is MPlayer.
Gxine is the same thing, isn't it?

It freezes on me (can't even kill the proccess... yay!) which stops all audio from working until I restart.

It won't play sound in mov files, and it doesn't work with asf files. =/
mplayer can play both mov and asf files ....
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