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Full Version: Good Image Viewer?
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One of the reasons I still have XP installed is because I love their default picture viewer. I can't help it, I love using an arrow key to read my manga (Hell, when you're looking at around 2000+ pictures, pressing "back", having all the files load in the folder in linux, and finding where you left off is QUITE annoying).

Is there a good linux picture viewer that has this? Hopefully one that allows you to set a Zoom level, (and STICK with it, so you don't have to set the zoom every time).
One of the simplist and quickets picture viewers i've ever used, and continue to use, is Electric Eyes. You can open up single pictures or many and flip through the thumbnails quickly.

There are numerous including some that come with KDE.
Could I get a screenshot? What do you mean by "thumbnails", exactly. Will I be able to read comics and see the words? =) Or will I get a 64x64 image of a large picture? =)
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