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Full Version: How To Make Own Distro?
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Recently I received (after 2 weeks of waiting...) the 10 buisness card CD-Rs (50mb) that I ordered.

So I tried out DSL (Damn Small Linux), which is a live distro that can fit on one of those things... so I now effectivly carry around a linux distro in my wallet. happy.gif Yay! Also much easier to distribute to friends.

Anyways, I have alot of free time on my hands. happy.gif So I thought "Hey, it would be nice to have a live distro that, on bootup, has a workable http, ftp, ssh (and perhaps samba) server up within seconds... and all this could fit in your wallet."

Then I'm hoping to make a hd-installer type thing, where you could specify a few things, to easily configure these services.

It would need no GUI, (and so no graphical apps. This should save a crapload of space), just apache, php, php4, mysql, sshd, samba, and proftpd. Obviously at bootup it would ask you a few basic questions (what port to run each service on, if you want to use the default config file, (which I will make for each), or if you want to edit it yourself, and all that stuff)

I'd obviously want the C++ compilers and junk, as well as lynx and an editor like VI.

Could be nifty, and it gives me something to do now that school is coming to a close for me.

How can I get started? I'm probally (just like DSL did) base this off of Knoppix, unless I'm able to do it myself. Has anyone here done this?

Er, thanks in advance!
Well, there are a couple of ways you could go about this. To go completly from scratch, you could use the Linux From Scratch documentation which takes you through step-by-step on how to setup your own linux system from scratch.

You could also use Knoppix as a base, and re-master the Live cd to suit your needs. I'm sure there are lots of resources out there that can telly ou how to do that.

And the final choice would be the Gentoo GNU/Linux system, which you can starge from a stage1 tarball, and build your system how you want. Gentoo also comes with some tools that allow you to create a live cd from your install. You can search the Gentoo Forums in the "Documentation Tips & Tricks" to find out how to do this in more detail.
Thanks, that site looks like it will be very helpful. smile.gif

What, exactly, is "Remastering"?
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