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Full Version: Cable From Cd To Sound Card
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Brace yourself. The following problem will sound stupid, but I have in fact done a lot of research, and I'm not whining irresponsibly.

I can't play audio CDs.

Okay, now that I said it: I've found others with exactly my problem, from a few years ago: they could read a CD in KsCD, but got no sound. The usual advice was 'Make sure there's a cable from the CD drive to the sound card. Windows sometimes omits it." It appears that there might in fact be room for such a connection to be made on my machine, or for the equivalent software shortcut to be installed.

Before I spend a lot of time trying one of those methods, though, I hoped to find out: Was a disconnect between the CD drive and the soundcard still a problem as of Mandrake 9.1? All the people I read about who needed to do it were using RedHat 8.2, so maybe the problem had gone away by 9.1 (the version I'm running), in which case I'd better find something else to try.
Most Linux CD Audio programs require the audio cable from the CD to the Sound Card to be installed ...
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