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Full Version: Installing Tarballs On Suse9
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Hello everybody,
after using tar xzvf for files of type tar.tgz I use ./configure command upto that moment everything goes fine but when I use 'make' command I get this "can't find make file." Can anybody help me? smile.gif
Post the results of the command:

which make
The question is I don't know which make.Would you describe how you install tarballs?

I think you misunderstood that wich make part...

what Hughesjr was trying to tell you is :

1. Open up a terminal window

2. and type : which make

and post it here

here is the result of my which make :

[root@localhost root]# which make

you install programs from source [usualy] this way [BUT! , it never hurts to read the install or readme file]
make install
make clean

[please note if ./configure finishes with an error, YOU WON'T be able to continue with MAKE, so I would also check what exacltly ./configure does when it's checking you're system for necesary files etc...]

Robert B
Thanks for your concern.
Ichange my working directory to /usr/local then I run tar -xzvf *.*.tar.gz after that I get inside the folder that is craeted by the tar command in /usr/local directory and when I use ./configure command everything goes well but after using make it says "bash:make:command not found"
It was the whole story. sad.gif
which leads me to believe that you don't have the package that includes make installed.

If you run the command (from the same command line that you used to type ./configure) to type the command:

which make

the output for me is:

[root@localhost /root]# which make

(in my example ... the command prompt is what I see in blue ... then I type in which make and press enter ... the result is /usr/bin/make)

Then we can verify that you don't have make installed....

If your output (from the command which make) says something like:

/usr/bin/which: no make in (/usr/kerberos/sbin:/usr/kerberos/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin:/root/bin)

then you don't have make installed ... if it says:

then something else is wrong....
Hemant is a bit confusing..initially you tell this....
I use 'make' command I get this "can't find make file."

But then you tell this..
using make it says "bash:make:command not found"

Both are differrent in first case the most likely thing is you have at least make command but due to either some errors during ./configure command...makefile is not created...
purpose of ./configure command is to generate a makefile..and make your program portable...on systems with different processors(intel,amd,sparc)..
$ ./configure --help

and make sure that you haven't missed to specify some important option...

In second i arrive on the conclusion that you don't have make command installed at is indeed weird....If you don't have make command then...../configure itself will report the error during the creation of makefile...So..i can firmly say that in this case...either you don't have gcc installed properly...

But one question i just can't wait to ask come ./configure doesn't report errors...i think in both will report error..
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