I have a very weird problem playing CDs on my Red Hat. They were playing OK until very recently but now something strange happens when I try to use KSCD or other programs. When I open one of those programs and click the play button, it starts playing , sometimes producing sound for 1 sec or so but then it can not anymore as if there is something wrong with the CDs and pauses itself and stalls. I have this problem with KDE , but when I log in as root and use XMCD on GNOME it works fine. But XMCD won't work with KDE (couldn't make it work since I installed it) and KSCD won't produce a sound no matter which system I choose. I am guessing that when my linux machine crashed sometime ago something happened to the sound server and I need to reconfigure it or something but I have no idea what I need to fix and why those multimedia programs are having difficulty reading CDs. Any ideas are appreciated.